Cassiopeia Project Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is paying for all this?

Our primary benefactor is a retired physicist who has considerable means that he wishes to dedicate to alleviate the growing problem of science illiteracy in this country. After weighing the benefits of helping educational institutions versus helping the teachers, he opted for the latter.

Who is MudBrick Media?

MudBrick Media is primarily a Production Company and a portion of that capability is spirited away to help produce the Cassiopeia Project videos.

My school blocks downloads, so how can I get the clips?

There are many possibilities.
1) Ask your school computer administrator to unblock downloads from this site.
2) Ask your school computer administrator to download the clips you need.
3) Download the clips you need at home.
4) Ask for student volunteers to download various clips.
5) Ask a colleague to download the clips you need at home.

Can I do my own edits to your videos?

Absolutely. Use it any way you want. If you don’t like the words we use, mute the audio and add your own words….and music!

Can my students download clips from your site?

Sure. We imagine a future where one version of homework is to get students to make their own videos about various science topics.

Are video transcripts available?

Yes. Video transcripts are being made available both on our web site and via our iTunesU site. You can find out more about our iTunes U site here.

Are video transcripts available in other languages?

No. We do not provide translations of our videos in other languages, however, if you would like to submit a translation of any of our videos in another language we will post it here. Use the Feedback page to let us know you have translated transcripts to submit.

Are there note taking guides of questions to ask students to go with the videos?

No. We don't want to tell you what or how to teach. Rather we want to provide you with a visual representation of science material. On the other hand, if enough teachers request it, we would be happy to tell you what WE think is important in each video.

What software is required to view the videos?

We have decided to provide our Videos in two formats. Each Video course has two tabs, MOV and WMV. MOV video files require Quicktime to view directly on our web page and either Quicktime or Itunes to view on your computer. WMV files require Windows Media Player to view on our web site or your computer. Apple Quicktime, Apple ITunes and Microsoft Windows Media Player are free downloads.

What is your Privacy Policy, will you share our personal information?

No we will never share your e-mail address or any other personal information with anyone. You can view our Privacy Policy here.

Can we download and host your videos on our own web site or servers?

All video and audio media is FREE for use in any educational setting. You may copy, give-away or reproduce without restriction for any educational usage. We do request that you contact us for written permission for commercial usage. You can view our Terms and Conditions here.

Why do you use the name "Eve" and call her the mother of all mankind?

"Mitochondrial Eve" is the name given by researchers to the woman who is defined as the matrilineal most recent common ancestor for all currently living humans. Passed down from mothers to offspring for 150,000 years, her mitochondrial DNA is now found in all living humans. The time she lived is calculated based on the technique of correlating elapsed time with observed genetic drift.

There is also a male most recent common ancestor (called Y-chromosomal Adam) who lived 60,000 years ago.

Do not confuse the concept of most-recent common ancestor with the notion that these ancestors were the only ones alive at the time. There were many humans alive at both periods but these are the only ones whose DNA can be found in EVERYONE alive today.

Names aside, it is good and interesting science.

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